Why Keep Your Roof Clean

A Clean Roof Adds Years To Your Roof’s Life

What are 4 Reasons to Clean Your Roof Instead of Replacing it?

Premature replacements of roofs cost thousands of dollars to homeowners each year. This increases their debt and causes stress too. After all, why would someone want to live or even buy a house with a dirty exterior?

Here are the 4 things to must know about cleaning your roof?

Give your house a polished look: Remember that clean, nice looking, shiny look on your roof, when you got it first? You surely want that clean look back right. With Professional services of Southern Wash Pros Roof Cleaning, you can restore that polished look of your house.

Protects your roof from damage: Getting your roof cleaned with professional help can help you prevent damages from black algae, fungus, bacterias, moss, and molds.

It’s cheaper than a new roof: The good news is that our soft wash cleaning process will clean the roof for a small fraction of the replacement expense and renovate it over to a new appearance.

Keep your roof warranty effective: If a customer consistently retains his roof with an effective soft wash cleaning, he greatly increases his roof's service life.

Why Choose Southern Wash Pros

  • If you need reliable, fast and most convenient softwash service for your house, Southern Wash Pros is the right choice.m
  • Our team uses the latest equipment which is very safe yet effective to clean shingle roofs, decks and siding.
  • Our Soft Washing service is guaranteed not to harm your shingles, siding or any other surface.
  • Southern Wash Pros uses the most reliable methods to ensure the safety of your house and the environment. Our soft wash service is more safe and effective than power washing for killing algae, fungus, moss, mildew, and lichen.

Why is mold growing on my roof?

Mold is usually caused by the growth of algae. Algae (and other botanical growths such as moose and lichens) will hold fast and grow on your roof in wet and humid weather. Hence leading to the damping of roof materials, which encourages redness. It may mold if rot sets in. Although might not be raining, the wet warm weather is perfect for fast mold growth.

For instance, if your roof is also suffering from mold or moss, you should have it professionally cleaned as soon as possible to minimize damage and staining.

What is Gloeocapsa Magma or Black Algae?

You certainly have seen endless dark stripes on asphalt shingles when you live in a rainy part of the country.

The most common cause for these dark stripes is a blue-green alga known as Gloeocapsa Magma that is spread by airborne spores. Gloeocapsa Magma is a cause for the deposition of dirt defect, defective shingle or mold.

Roof stains caused by black algae usually start with light discoloration. if not removed, the entire roof may become an eyesore as the algae continue decomposing.

Above All, Roofs lose 50% of their work lives because of these organisms ' infestations.

Moss and Molds on Roofing

Moss and mold spores will grow between the shingles, which damages your roof life. These are also absorbed by your roofing material, which dramatically reduces the life of your roof and requires expensive repairs required.